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PINCH | All Natural "Baking Soda Free" Deodorant

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PINCH | All Natural "Baking Soda Free" Deodorant

Finally our Baking Soda free Deodorant is here!! For those of you who have sensitive skin and may have a slight reaction to baking soda (the active ingredient in most aluminum free deodorants), we have formulated an amazing all natural deodorant made with Zinc! If you try this and still have an irritation it may not be the Baking Soda, but instead it may be the Essential Oils. In that case, you may want to try our Unscented Deodorant. :-)

Who doesn't want all natural, amazing smelling, toxin, chemical & BAKING SODA FREE free deodorant..that actually works!

This all natural deodorant contains arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, avocado oil, a small amount of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda - which we have reduced the amount significantly and increased the use of skin softening oils to counteract any irritation that baking soda has been known to cause to more sensitive skin types, we find this formula to be working great!) white kaolin clay and 100% essential oils.


"It works! Unlike all the other antiperspirant replacements I've tried. And this after biking to and from work, and going to kickboxing."
Soledad R.
"Perfectly does the job and my man loves it!"
Leonie G.
"Amazing deodorant! Thank you so much :)"
Jazzy B.
Ingredients: organic coconut oil | organic shea butter | arrowroot powder | beeswax | avocado oil | white kaolin  clay | zinc bicarbonate | Pinch essential oil blend
Aluminum Free! No chemicals, parabens,
toxins or artificial ingredients are ever used.
Directions: apply to clean skin, under each arm.
Never apply directly after shaving.