Vanilla Lip Scrub

Vanilla Lip Scrub

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Give yourself the gift of Kissable Lips !

Fine, granulated Sugar gives an exfoliation experience and hydrating organic Jojoba Oil leaves them feeling soft, supple and oh-so-kissable!

A sweet, Vanilla, Sugary-tasting treat that stays!

A pea-sized amount will scrub your lips soft, then simply lick off the excess !


This sweet vanilla tasting treat was made just for you! It's so natural, there's no wiping it off... just lick your lips and taste the yummy goodness! Fine granulated sugar gives lips a gentle exfoliation and hydrating organic jojoba oil leaves them feeling soft, smooth and supple.


How to use: Take a pea-sized amount and scrub your lips soft, then lick off the excess.


Ingredients: (*organic) granulated sugar | *castor oil | cocoa butter | *beeswax | hemp oil |  jojoba oil | *shea butter | fine ground walnut shell | natural flavour | vitamin e tocopherol