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PINCH | Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask

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PINCH | Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask

Dead sea Mud Mask has so many benefits for you and your skin!  Our mask is just as the name states - Dead Sea Mud and that is it!  Not fillers or fragrances to mess things up. 

 - removes dirt and impurities, loosening up those clogged pores to prevent and treat blackheads. It stabilizes the function of the sebaceous glands to aid in controlling oil. 

 - salts, which are kept in large amounts in the mud, saturate the skin with mineral substances, vitamins, providing them with vital energy, eliminating inflammation and give an anti-aging effect

- gentle exfoliation reveals new healthier skin. 

consists of biologically active substances (salts, vitamins, natural hormones, enzymes, gases) with when used on your hair can activate growth


These are just some of the brilliant positives that Dead Sea Mud can bring to your skin.