Pinch Skincare All Natural Cuticle Balm
Pinch Skincare All Natural Cuticle Balm

Rose Cuticle Balm

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Cuticle Care is important - and the results help you look  GREAT!

This Cuticle Super Nourishment Balm retains moisture and prevents damage.

It also Feels and Smells wonderful. You can really ‘nail’ it!

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel, Jojoba and Hemp oils and Beeswax and Mango Butter.



Treat your cuticles with love by using this luscious and yummy balm.   The super moisturizing properties of the creamy concoction will bring bring your cuticles from "hanging in there" to brilliant!  You can even use this wonderful balm on dry spots on your body for that extra kick of brilliance when its needed. 

Ingredients: apricot kernel oil | jojoba oil | hemp oil | organic beeswax | mango butter | pinch essential oil blend

Weight: 12g