Pinch Skincare Clay Mask
Pinch Skincare Clay Mask

Brazilian Purple Clay Face Mask

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Detoxify your skin, remove impurities and cleanse your face in a whole new way!

This easy-to-apply 15 minute cleansing routine cleans pores and removes excess oils and surface bacteria - it’s also relaxing !

Certified Organic ingredients: Purple Brazilian Clay, and the extracts of Cucumber Peel, Guava, Chrysanthemum and Green Tea.






Simple and to the point this little jar packs a natural extract filled punch!

Purple Brazilian Clay is full of good stuff for your beautiful skin. We do a little "Pinch Tweaking" as well.... here's what we add:


1. Wash your face with Pinch Cleansing Oil. Before you apply our Purple Brazilian Mask to your face, clean your face thoroughly with water and open your pores with a warm cloth.

  • Remove any makeup or grease that’s on your face. Use our Pinch Cleansing Oil. Then, put a washcloth in hot water and wring it out.
  • Place the washcloth on your face, and gently use it to wipe your skin. You want it to feel warm but not too hot.
  • Leave the cloth on your face until it cools down, which should take about half a minute. The warmth of the cloth should open your pores.


2. Moisturize your eyes. It’s important to moisturize your eyes before applying the Purple Brazilian Mask. That’s because the skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate.

  • Take a couple drops of our Pinch Nurturing Face Oil and apply it gently to the skin around your eyes. Be careful not to get it in your eyes.
  • You will naturally apply the oil more gently if you use your ring fingers when touching the area around your eyes.
  • Take care not to press too hard on the eye area as it’s sensitive. The oil will also protect your eyes when the mask is applied. Also, avoid getting the mud around or in your eyes but also avoid areas of the face that you regularly wax


3. Mix about 2 table spoons of our Pinch Purple Brazilian Mask into a wooden or plastic bowl, add warm water slowly to the powder to get your desired consistency.

When ready, start by applying the mask to your face using your fingers. Remember to apply it in a thin layer.

  • Use small circular movements to apply the mask to your face. Be very careful to avoid getting it in the area of your eyes. Try not to get the mask in your hair. Use upward motions to apply the mask.
  • Skipping the eye area, apply the mask thinly and uniformly throughout your entire face, including underneath your chin. If you have a breakout on any area of your skin, also skip that part.


4. Let the Mask dry naturally on your face. This should take about 12-15 minutes. If the mask takes a lot longer to dry, then you’ve probably slathered it on too thick. It’s best to sit up while it dries, but if you do lie down, rest your head on a towel.
  • The mask should remove impurities from your skin, detoxify it, and cleanse it. Your skin should feel softer and more elastic after the mud has been applied and then removed. It should look brighter.
  • Remove the mask right away if your skin starts to itch at any point. Some people have had allergic reactions to masks of all kinds. Our Pinch Purple Brazilian Mask will tighten pores, remove excess skin oil, and the salt in it should get rid of any surface bacteria which lowers the number of breakouts you could get.
  • It’s natural for your skin to feel a little tingly as the mask starts to dry. Don’t worry about it unless you feel a stronger burning sensation.


5. Rinse off the Mask.
Once the mask has dried, it’s time to remove it from your skin. This shouldn’t be very difficult to do.
  • Use warm water to rinse the mask from your skin like you would any other mask. It may take some time rinsing the face to remove all the mask.
  • Try using a clean washcloth to help you wipe the mask off your face. Dry your face by patting it down with a towel or other clean cloth.
  • Apply our Pinch Nurturing Face Oil to your face. Use the Dead Sea mask weekly.

Ingredients: Purple Brazilian clay | bentonite clay | cucumber peel extract | guava extract | chrysanthemum extract | green tea extract

Weight: 35g