Hello, I bought quite a bit of your deodorant at the PNE as I have wanted to try natural for quite a while. I was sceptical and luckily I couldn’t be happier. My wife renounced a couple of fragrances (lucky I bought lots of different ones) and I’ve found one that I really like, as does she. I spent the last 3 months working in Thailand, 40 degree heat and very physical work outdoors in multiple environments including the jungle. Your deodorant never let me down and exceeded all expectations. I never had to re apply and shockingly I didn’t have any discomfort at all like I have had with normal deodorants when you are sweating profusely for 14 hours a day. Can’t wait to get more now that I am back, thank you!!
- Jason M.


    Best natural deodorant ever! It actually WORKS! It actually held up through HOT YOGA class!! (purchased the Vanilla Bergamot) The scent is unbelievably good, creamy texture, no mess. My years of searching are finally over. Thank you. :-)

    - Verena Cornelia


      I have been singing the praise of Pinch Deodorant! I smelled a little like a taco (zero cue why) but now I smell like I'm raving in a French Lavender field... even the next day! So I and my nose thank you for creating such a great product!

      - Nicole D.

        Will never buy another deodorant brand again, I tell everyone this is my one and only.

        - Mel B.


        GAME CHANGER! I know I’ve mentioned them before briefly...but I have to share AGAIN. For a girl who works out every single day and sweats like a mother...(also I’m not gonna lie I was using men’s deodorant.. I was that bad. ) Ladies didn’t cut it...I don’t like the smells and I don’t like the chemicals. When my coach shared this I immediately headed to Fort Langley to pick me up one to try. Local, chemical free, farm made... SOLD! Last week we went out again (cuz we love fort Langley) and I stocked up on more. Everyday I get to choose my scent and away I go. I am hooked. And they have other amazing products to try. Check em out peeps. It’s all about treating our body and taking care of it the best way we can... that includes what we’re putting under our pits. The price is great too. (I may get cheap fake eyelashes from Walmart but sometimes I get the good stuff)

        - Tara J.

              Such a nice product me & my guy love the natural deodorant that isn't sticky or goopy. Definitely will be purchasing more​.

              - Madison Mae

                      "I am loving this deodorant, it definitely did not disappoint! I bought the deodorant for my pre-teen daughter as I wanted something I knew was safe for her to wear. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to try it as well and now her father loves it too so we would like to order 6 more (so we have one each as a back up) Good bye brand name deodorants... we have been converted to Pinch and have never smelt better! Thank you Pinch

                      - Melinda M.


                            The deodorants and the Sunscreens are my must haves. Great to find natural products that also work well. Pinch Deodorant help up to our two week trip in hot and humid Thailand!

                            - Ania Drygalski

                              PINCH me. Am I dreaming? Love Pinch products!!

                              - Ray Boulay

                                Just wonderful! Love this.

                                - Marcelle Hill

                                  Love the deodorant SO MUCH! Holds up through intense workouts and overnight!

                                  - Joanna van der Berg

                                    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! It's so lovely. One of a few natural deodorants that actually work.

                                    Smells so good I want to eat it!

                                    - Pat Wilk

                                                In LOVE with my Pinch Candle.

                                                - Kate Casey

                                                  Love love love the Peppermint Deodorant! It's my new fave product! Thanks so much!​

                                                  - Brady Von Niessen

                                                    Perfectly does the job and my man loves it!

                                                    - Leonie Giroux

                                                      Amazing deodorant! Thank you so much :)

                                                      - Jazzy Boop

                                                        Absolutely amazing! Feel like I am missing something if its not in my purse

                                                        - Sabina Atamova

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