Our Focus

Our number 1 goals are to be eco-friendly, low waste and good for you. To to be honest, we just love our planet!

We decided to buy Pinch in late 2017 and haven't looked back. While it had good bones, we definitely saw some serious room for improvement.  Since then we have added 22 new products and added 10 scents to our Aluminum Free, All Natural deodorant collection!  We have done the work to ensure that most of our base ingredients are organic, some are Fair Trade certified, and we use never use preservatives in our deodorant or body and face care products.  Now, here is the most important part: everything was in plastic containers!  YUK!  We eliminated them all! We now use Biodegradable, easy-to-use cardboard push-up containers. Yes, cardboard gets oil stained. SO WHAT?!? Our footprint on the planet is almost ZERO!  No Plastic in the ocean - what more can you ask for?  We use glass jars with metal lids so they can either be reused or recycled. Yes, there are still some small pieces of plastic on our face oil and hand lotion - trust me when I say we are working towards changing.  We don't want any part of the plastic epidemic in the oceans.

We bought this company because we wanted something different, and knew we could not only change it but make it incredible!  Something real.  Something true. You know those companies you see out there claiming to be all natural but they use the same thickeners they use in antifreeze in their deodorant, then tell you it's natural?  Ummmm.... it's pretty much a lie. We have only 8 ingredients in our All Natural, Aluminum Free Deodorant that you can read and even spell (actually you could eat it - but don't - it doesn't taste good). Our products are real. We do use the scientific name in the ingredients list, but always include the version that everyone understands and knows too. Transparency is so important in the world we live in.

So, we want you to KNOW our products are pure.  How?  Just ask (when you click that little chat icon at the bottom right of our website, it's really us.... the owners.  No bots, no hired hand. It really is Marlon or Michelle talking to you.  Honest. Well.... it's usually Marlon. He's the master behind the marketing and branding. Michelle is the beauty behind everything you use. She makes it all herself in small batches.

Everything we do is from passion for bringing 100% pure, green, all natural (truly natural) products to our beautiful customers!  No thickeners, no water (if you see water, know that that product has a preservative because water breeds bacteria & mold), no synthetic chemicals, no colours, no animal testing, no fragrance (you know when you see the word "fragrance" that it's a synthetic scent right? Even 'natural" fragrance. Fragrance isn't natural. It's fake and can be seriously harmful.) We are not going to compromise your health and safety to make our product look prettier or smell like cupcakes. That essential oil doesn't exist by the way. Haha.

So at the end of the day, the planet and your safety is our number 1 priority. We thank you for visiting & reading what is important to us and we would love to have you become a member of the Pinch Family.

Love & gratitude, Michelle & Marlon :-)