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What Our Customers Are Saying: 

"Will never buy another deodorant brand again, I tell everyone this is my one and only" 
Mel Broome
"Such a nice product me & my guy love the natural deodorant that isn't sticky or goopy. Definitely will be purchasing more" 
Madison Mae
"It works! Unlike all the other anti-perspirant replacements I've tried. And this after biking to and from work, and going to kickboxing."
Soledad Ronco
"Love love love the Peppermint Deodorant! It's my new fav product! Thanks so much!
Brady Von Niessen
"Perfectly does the job and my man loves it!"
Leonie Giroux
"Amazing deodorant! Thank you so much :)"
Jazzy Boop
"Absolutely amazing! Feel like I am missing something if its not in my purse"
Sabina Atamova