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Marlon & Michelle O'Reilly

(at the Canucks game)


Here's How It All Began
I (Marlon) couldn't stand the thought of putting Aluminum, among other chemicals, additives and preservatives into my blood stream so I had switched to a local brand of all natural deodorant but there was a problem.... although I liked it, it was in a jar and I had to dip my fingers in it, get the deodorant slimy all over my fingers and then smear it into my arm pits. Gross right?? NO THANKS! I happened to be searching for businesses for sale on Craigslist (believe it or not) and found Pinch. I was intrigued and then excited because I saw all the incredible reviews on Facebook and on the website of how customers were absolutely in LOVE with all of the products, especially the All Natural Deodorant!
Scary But Fun Direction
I could tell right away the company needed a revamp and some serious help. We knew together, we could build it and expand the product line so we bought it!! We wanted to offer incredible, all natural products to everyone. We wanted to make it the best all natural skincare company on the planet!
So Know This...
Many of the recipes stayed exactly the same because you know the saying "If it ain't broke... don't fix it!" so even though we have switched up a few things, we left our All Natural Deodorant exactly the same and created new products with even better, more pure ingredients!
How Much Better?
HUGE!! We added as many organic ingredients as we could locally source. Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Avocado Oil and more! Previously there were NO organic ingredients in our products so this was a major change we knew we were going to make. Even though everything organic is more expensive, we kept our products at the same price! We are still working on improving even more as a company and acquiring more organic ingredients as we find them. THEN... we switched out ALL of our plastic containers with glass jars with metal lids. But the most incredible part?? Our deodorant containers are now 100% biodegradable so you just toss them into your greens bin when you're done. We love doing our part to help reduce waste on our beautiful planet.
Bottom Line?
We want to be the best at what we do! We want our customer to love what we make! We want to be world wide! We love feedback and great suggestions, so bring them on!
 We hope you enjoy your visit and that you love our products as much as we love making them!
Love & Gratitude,
Marlon & Michelle


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