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Beard Oil

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Tame that Beard! Make it Softer, Gentler and Grow Faster!

Our Argan and Hemp Oils are natural Anti-Aging, Antioxidants

Jojoba and Cedar Oils for that Manly, yet Managed, feel!


Beard Oil is so much more than just a beard product. Of course, use it to tame the beast, I mean beard, but you can also put it to use on your face and your hair on your head as well. With this list on simple ingredients you will be loving it! 

Use before and after shaving as well if you are a non beard grower!

Argan Oil is number one on our favorite oils list at Pinch for a reason.  You can use it to make your beard softer, grow faster and look full and managed.  Our oil can be used as a natural anti-aging product due to its antioxidant effect making it the perfect moisturizer.

Hemp Oil - Penetrates your hair and your skin very easily to combat the drying effects of the sun and the wind. Say goodbye to brittle breaking hair. It is not only good for assisting in beard growth, but you will feel the effects of it on your skin. 

Jojoba Oil - Because it is not actually an oil but is a liquid form of wax, its chemical structure closely mimics the oils produced by the skin. It will leave your skin and your beard feeling thick without feeling oily or greasy. 

Cedar Essential Oil - Is added for the calming, anti-anxiety and stress relieving benefits it carries.  Add the fact that it is anti-inflammatory and assists in preventing acne and this is a winner!


Bottle Size: 30ml