Pinch skin care deodorant
Pinch skin care deodorant
Pinch skin care deodorant
Pinch skin care deodorant

Aluminum Free Deodorant

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All Natural, Toxin and Chemical Free Deodorant

The Best Odor Fighting, Moisturizing, Cream Formula you can find!

Comes in 12 exciting, fresh and natural scents (See Below)


** NEW Upgraded, Biodegradable containers that are SUPER easy to use!!

Who doesn't want all natural, amazing smelling, toxin and chemical free deodorant that actually works?! No really, it does. Just read our reviews on the product page or head over to our Testimonials page! 

Our World Famous All natural Deodorant is available in our Plastic Free, Biodegradable Push Up Paper Tubes!! Safe for the environment and 100% biodegradable. Just throw it straight into your greens bin when it's finished. :-)

Green, Natural deodorant made in British Columbia, Canada! 

Is there a natural deodorant that actually works? YES! What is the most effective natural deodorant? YOU FOUND IT!  Smell your best with our All Natural, Aluminum Free Deodorant (ingredients listed below) We have reduced the amount of Baking Soda significantly and increased the use of skin softening oils to counteract any irritation that baking soda has been known to cause to more sensitive skin types, we find this formula to be working great!  NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE. The best overall, odor fighting ingredients and best cream formula you'll find anywhere with the least residue. It's like moisturizer for your pits!

Don't Give Up!

Detoxifying from commercial deodorants can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks or even more because you are allowing your body to breathe again, and letting the bad chemicals release from your system.  Some find it takes a week or so, others it doesn't take any time all.  After using our deodorant for a couple of weeks you may even find that you don't need to apply every day!! For pregnant women especially, our deodorant is the best one in the world not only for effectiveness in helping you sweat less and decreasing odor but for your health!! Our aluminum free, all natural, handcrafted deodorant is 100% pure. Nothing on the planet is purer and nothing has less ingredients. Not that we've found anyway. Want the absolute best product for you and your family's health? Pinch is it! ;-)

** Important Deodorant Tube Instructions: at the bottom of the paper tube is a circular wafer that pushes up the deodorant. You MUST push this straight up in the middle to get the deodorant to move up the tube. If you push on either side, the wafer will go up on an angle and the deodorant can squeeze out the bottom. PRO TIP - You can prop a flat object like a lipstick or anything flat that will fit (slightly smaller in circumference) inside the tube on a counter, put your deodorant on top of the lipstick and press down. This will help push up the deodorant evenly. ONLY push up slightly so a small amount comes up at a time or what you are going to use that day. The lids do not give you any room for the deodorant to stick way up past the top of the tube. It might be a little finicky at first but you'll get the hang of it and if it takes some effort, well... everything fabulous in life takes effort! A little patience = less plastic in the world. Hope this helps!

**SCENTS: All scents are the exact essential oils as stated in their name except Yogi (Ylang Ylang, Cedar Atlas & Bergamot), Lumberjack (Cedar Patchouli) and Root Beer (Cypress Birch) but it smells exactly like Root Beer! Honest.
Ingredients: cocos nucifera (organic, virgin coconut) oil | vitellaria paradoxa (organic, unrefined, fair trade shea butter) | maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder | cera alba (organic beeswax) | sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) | white kaolin clay | pinch 100% essential oil blend | persea gratissima (organic avocado) oil


Weight: 75g

Aluminum Free! No chemicals, parabens, toxins or artificial ingredients are ever used.
Directions: apply to clean skin, under each arm.
Never apply directly after shaving.
You may ask yourself: What ingredients should I avoid in deodorant? Just a few are listed below.
We Believe in:     We say NO to:
Organic                  Parabens            
Natural                   Phthalates
Sustainable            Propylene Glycol
Cruelty Free           Animal Testing    


Pinch Skin Care will ship natural deodorant directly to you anywhere within the borders of Canada & the United States? Actually we ship worldwide. :-)