Pinch Skincare Muscle Rub Relief Canada
Muscle Rub - Polehshennya
Muscle Rub - Polehshennya

Muscle Rub - Polehshennya

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Now in our New Glass Jars so no more plastic applicators!! Yaaaaay!!  :-)

Pinch Polehshennya (formerly Sweat-U-Light) pronounced "pole a shen ya", is our warming, Muscle Rub and moisturizing bar! It's Ukranian for Relief.

Many of our customers also use it as a workout enhancer. We use real Grapefruit Essential Oil which can help smooth cellulite! We use Magnesium and Arnica Oil that not only can relieve muscle pain, it can also helps you sleep!!

Look up the incredible benefits of Magnesium here:

Our Polehshennya uses "minimal" ingredients providing a healthier, no chemicals product with mostly organic ingredients that is All Natural. :-)

Ingredients: (+organic) +cocoa butter | +beeswax | +coconut oil | +shea butter | magnesium oil | aloe | menthol | arnica oil | pinch essential oil blend | vitamin e


Weight: 100g (now more!)