Natural Muscle Relaxer Back Pain


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Pinch Polehshennya (formerly Sweat-U-Light) pronounced "pole a shen ya", is our warming, Muscle Rub and moisturizing bar! It's Ukranian for Relief.

Many of our customers also use it as a workout enhancer. We use real Grapefruit Essential Oil which can help smooth cellulite! We use Magnesium and Arnica Oil that not only can relieve muscle pain, it can also helps you sleep!!

Look up the incredible benefits of Magnesium here:

The fun part about Polehshennya Sweat-U-Light, and the part we like most, is we've made it in a HANDS FREE applicator! No messy, goopy, sloppy product all over your hands when you apply it! Many similar products come in a tub and you have to dip your fingers in it and then when applying your neoprene wrap (which you touch with your hand) you're getting that messy too! Less hand washing means less soap in our water stream AND you are cutting down on water consumption!

All in all, this is by far, the best workout enhancing product on the market!

Our Polehshennya uses "minimal" ingredients providing a healthier, no chemicals product with mostly organic ingredients that is All Natural. :-)