Will Body Butter Ever Rule The World??

We say DAMN RIGHTS it will! Once you try it.... you will put away that old school cream you've been using and never go back. Okay, maybe not because cream is bad but body butter is by far superior! Why?? Because most cream have water in them (we'll get to that below) but if super moisturization is what you're looking for then our Body Butter could be your jam... or your spread or, well... you get the point.

Our incredible, creamy, amazing smelling whipped body butter will nourish your skin like you have never experienced before! We are committed to making high quality natural skin care products and our customers keep coming back for more once they try any of our homemade goodness! Natural skin care products made in Canada are some of the best in the world and we'd have to say ours may be the purest. We keep our ingredients minimal and 100% pure to make sure we provide good, natural skin care products for our customers. We also never add water which most consumers don't realize that over time, breeds bacteria and mold! So if you have any products that you use that contain water (most major brands) and you see it in the ingredients list, while it may not be cause to throw it straight in to the garbage, it requires a preservative to keep it from rotting. You see water breeds mold and bacteria so remember, what goes ON your body goes IN your body and straight into your blood stream!

Our Body Butter is definitely of the highest quality. It's natural skin care for dry skin because of it's deep moisturizing capabilities. Because it is so pure, we think it is THE best natural skin care product for sensitive skin and it may even help with rosacea and eczema. We have several customers that have not only told us how much they love it but how it has cleared up their skin dramatically!

Now as far as great natural skin care products for acne, we have a face system that has  helped clear up many of our customer's complexions. We will tell you all about that in our next blog. Stay tuned!

The Pinch Team


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