Why Is Natural Skincare Important?

We see so many articles about improving this and watching out for that but what does it all really mean?  I mean.... for your best skin ever, what the hell do you do?  Well first, and always the most important thing is you must look at the ingredients (and research them, know what they are).  So many people just don't know and that's okay but you can only stay in the dark for so long.  What is good and what is truly bad?  Well let me tell you... water.  Wait, WHAAAAAT??! Yes.... I'm afraid so.  It is horrible in any skincare product. Face creams are full of it!  Why is it bad?  Because as soon as you add water, you must add a preservative.  Why?? Because water breeds (grows) bacteria and mold. Gross right?!  This is why we won't make a cream and only offer oils. We want to bring the best, most natural products to our customers and we won't compromise.  FYI: they do NOT make your face oily, that is a total myth.  So... I don't know about you but I don't need preservatives in my bloodstream and neither do you. If you haven't heard the term yet, "what goes on your body goes in your body" then you have been asleep at the wheel. :-)


The other thing I always tell people is less is more.  Always.  Well... depending on the product I guess.  A beautiful Face Oil like our Organic Nurturing Face Oil has quite a few organic, all natural oils in it but they all do their thing to make you have the best skin you've ever had on your face.  They can clear up acne, eczema, bumps, blackheads, spotting, dark circles and list goes on and on. Our customers have actually written us to tell us about how amazing their skin is after using our Face Care System.  For most products though like our All Natural, Aluminum Free Deodorant and our Baking Soda Free version or even our Whipped Body Butter, why would you want 17 ingredients when you could be using a deodorant that has only 8, like ours?  There's no reason for more.  There is no deodorant more effective than Pinch Deodorant on the planet and we stand by that 100%.  Our 5 Star reviews speak for themselves and we are very proud of them!


Okay... I'm getting off topic.... Natural Skincare is important because there are still so many companies even claiming to be natural but they're not.  Look at the ingredients carefully!  Do they need to put Propylene Glycol in deodorant even if they "say" it's derived from vegetable oil?  They put that sh*t in antifreeze too so why use it anywhere near a natural product that goes on your skin?  Why don't they use something else? Because it's cheap, that's why!  What about thickeners? We don't use them so why do they? It's odd to say the least. Our deodorant is creamy, goes on beautifully and it works!


FYI: there are no actual standards on calling yourself natural.  There are no organizations of authority monitoring this at all.  Hell, we could be full of it too.  Hahaha.  So just please, look at the ingredients!  Another thing to look for is Fragrance Oil.  Some will list it as "natural" fragrance oil but don't be fooled by the "natural" word. The word fragrance means it's still a synthetic chemical to make your deodorant or whatever skincare product smell like Bourbon or Leather or Cigars or Watermelon or Cupcakes. Those essential oils don't exist. The oils in your products must be 100% essential oils to be natural.  There is no in between.  Well.... I shouldn't say they all don't exist because Watermelon essential oil does exist but is VERY hard to find and it is extremely expensive so 99% of the time it is a synthetic fragrance oil, not an essential oil. Why?   Because it's cheap and a watermelon deodorant with essential oils would cost you $35+ per stick and that's why no one makes it.  We know, we bought some watermelon essential oil. WOW!! $$$!


So.... always look at what you are putting on your skin. It matters!



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