What does "Plastic Free" really mean?

Well for starters, your mind automatically goes to the Earth right? We all want to make it the cleanest most bestest thing ever. But are you willing to give up on a few conveniences to do your part?

We are not so sure. "Some" people are still not ready to do what it takes. How do we know that? Because when we put our "old stock" plastic deodorants on sale to clear them out, they were all gone in a week! I mean, they were on sale but is that really why they sold so quickly? We think not. (we are actually under priced compared to our direct competitors. For example: one is $20 per unit and another is $29 - for less product per package)

Being Plastic-Free isn't easy, so here... let us help make your life a tiny bit easier when using our all natural paper deodorant tubes. YES, they get messy and stained because of the all natural goodness that is inside but it's all for the planet! Having All Natural Skincare is so worth it and let me tell you, getting the deodorant up in the tube is very easy! With our new *compostable containers, the inside is coated with a vegetable oil base and the deodorant slides up like butter! So if you were a previous customer that hated our old containers that were a little stubborn when it cam to getting that deodorant up the tube..... WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD! ;-)

SOME TIPS: with our new containers, if you have any trouble at all moving the deodorant, grab something to put the deodorant on top of that will slide up "inside" the tube like a lipstick or even a toothbrush (not the easiest thing though). There is a small round wafer in the bottom of the deodorant that you must push up in the centre only. If you push to one side, it may not go up evenly and deodorant will squish out the bottom on the other side. Once you get the hang of pushing it up evenly, it's super easy. Also, only push up a TINY amount. Literally a 1/16th of an inch or a 1/4 of a centimetre. If you need more, push it up again. Do not push up a ton of the deodorant because not only will not want to go back down, it gets goopy and will get super gross in your armpits. Okay... if you do push it up too much, usually you can tap the bottom (upright on a counter) and it may move back down. You have to tap it quite hard but make sure it is flush on the counter when you tap.

So all in all.... we are trying to do our part and even though we are not 100% happy using paper because of the mess, the staining & the frustration of application... in the end you get to throw out your paper tube right into the greens bin! You are taking a small step to preserving our planet and ridding it of the plastic one person at a time! You are being Environmentally Friendly, Eco Conscious and Eco Friendly!! Give yourself some serious love because you are truly making a difference.

Thank you for supporting our local, small family business!

We love you!



We are working on a new plastic free container that is not made of paper. Stay tuned!


*Our containers are compostable if you are putting it in your greens bin for your municipality to take away. Their process heats up the container so they break down and compost much quicker. Our containers are biodegradable if you are putting it in your own compost at home. This will take much longer to break the paper tube down back into the earth. :-)

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