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It is starting to feel a lot like Summer out there!  It seems like we tend to skip right past Spring around here.  We go from the rainy and chilly west coast Winter, have a couple days of Spring, and barrel right into Summer!  I'll take it! :-) This is the May long weekend here and many of you are preparing for the first camping trip of the year, or possibly staying home this weekend to work on renos or "honey do" lists.  What ever you are planning I hope its a good one!  I hope to have a couple...

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I would love to tell you that we just returned from the shores of the Dead Sea and that we fell in love with his glorious black goo as we spent the day basking in the Mediterranean sun... floating in the sea.  But alas, I can't say that.  I can say however, that my skin is doing better than it ever has in my 40(ish) years. I have supple, pink, even toned, clear and hydrated skin.  I have finally found my holy grail of skincare routines! One aspect of this routine is my weekly Dead Sea Mud Mask treatment.  And...

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Using a cleansing oil to clean your skin will keep things in balance by not stripping and keeping your precious skin moisturized.

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