Natural Deodorant - but is it really???

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Natural Deodorant - but is it really???

It is starting to feel a lot like Summer out there!  It seems like we tend to skip right past Spring around here.  We go from the rainy and chilly west coast Winter, have a couple days of Spring, and barrel right into Summer!  I'll take it! :-) This is the May long weekend here and many of you are preparing for the first camping trip of the year, or possibly staying home this weekend to work on renos or "honey do" lists.  What ever you are planning I hope its a good one!  I hope to have a couple of friends over and sit around the fire pit enjoying life tonight. Maybe yours will go like this...

Picture it: Your best friend comes walking into your house touting the benefits of this new all natural deodorant that she has just purchased.  She has the face of a child on her 6th birthday, and she can't wait to start deodorizing her pits and smelling like a Queen. This all while ridding her body of the toxic aluminum and petrol chemical shitstorm she has been spreading onto it for the last 2 decades. She intrigues you and you are both excited by the prospect of all natural skincare products. I mean let's face it, at least you both want to rid yourselves of anything antiperspirant.

But wait - what is this? Is the deodorant she purchased actually all natural? Is it green? Is it actually pure?  And what does all natural actually mean?  Is it a load of bull? YES... it is!!  All natural is a phrase that can be placed on absolutely anything with no regulation or repercussions for it's incorrect use.  There could be gasoline in your product and a company can still call it "All Natural".  Don't fall for it!  It is just a phrase, a sentence and does not mean that it is good for you. 

That delicious fruity pineapple melon scent is so far from natural its scary!  If you look at the ingredient label of a fragrance oil, often it states one ingredient "Fragrance".  Well that clears it up! Fragrance is totally artificial!! Look for Essential Oil only.

Many commercial deodorant companies are jumping on the aluminum free train. This is exciting news! But wait - what is that nasty propylene something or poloxamine1307?!  Yeah - I don't know either. While conglomerates have taken leaps and bounds to improve, they are still loading your pitstick with many additives and preservatives that you would not want to put into your body. That is precisely why this has to be said.  Just because a rat says it is a cat doesn't make him a cat. This frightens me and it should you too.  We put so much blind trust into the big companies and hope that they are treating us right when the fact is the bottom line of their bank account is the most important aspect of their business.  It isn't about keeping you healthy and cancer free.

Preservatives and thickeners and antifreeze oh my! I don't know about you, but I feel like if you are taking the time to ready my little rant, then you don't like the ideas of this on your delicate armpit either. There are choices and it's time to make a better one!

When shopping for an all natural deodorant, look for ingredients that you recognize and can comfortably say that you know what it is and where it comes from. With Pinch, each natural ingredient in our beauty products are labeled clearly, and you know what each one is. And if you don't we are happy to explain what it is and why we put it into our green products.  Each addition has a specific purpose and contributes to the overall effectiveness of our aluminum free, 100% all natural deodorant and will keep your skin feeling and looking it's best!  They work together to create a product that we not only believe is the best natural deodorant of 2019, we feel safe using and feel proud to put out to the world.  I like to say that if you cant eat it, why do you want to put it on your skin. What you put on your body, goes in your body.

So go and enjoy your weekend, get some nature, do some shopping...whatever makes you happiest.




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