Invigorating Peppermint!

Picture this: you’re in Tofino and you just got in from an excellent day of surfing in the summer. You take off your wetsuit and immediately hop in the hot shower. Nothing feels better than a rewarding shower after a day of frolicking in the ocean. Pair the warmth on your skin with products infused with organic ingredients and you’ll feel like a brand new human. After, you make a cup of tea and enjoy some time with family. Could life be any better?

Normally, when we think of shampoo, we think of colourful plastic bottles with extravagant scents. With Pinch Skincare, we pack a rosemary-mint scent into a plastic-free bar. Mint is known to invigorate the scalp and give it a deep cleaning sensation while rosemary keeps the follicles healthy. Whether you spent the day surfing on the West Coast or you’re living your day-to-day life, then our shampoo bar will get the job done! Smell like spring every day with this organic shampoo bar. 

Save the planet one shampoo bottle at time by switching over to the bar. On average, 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills yearly. Pinch’s main priority is not only delivering quality products, but helping to reduce your carbon footprint. 


by Becca Wade

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