African Black Soap - OMG is this stuff AMAZING!!

For the most amazing. cleanest of the clean face in your life, this is it! Our amazing African Black soap comes straight from Africa and it helps support both woman and children in that region. We are so happy to be part of positive change in Africa!

Here is some information on this natural beauty product made with the cleanest, purest skin and hair you've ever had! It's actually been called a "Miracle For Your Hair" in many articles. You absolutely have to try this stuff! It's majestic!


12 Amazing Benefits of African Black Soap

  1. Natural, organic skin cleanser
    By using 100% pure black soap made in West Africa, you can rest assured that you’re treating your skin to organic and chemical-free forms of skincare and stepping away from the use of chemicals that may irritate, damage or cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Black soap is the perfect choice for individuals who prefer holistic and all-natural ways of living.
  1. Gently cleanses skin
    When used correctly, African black soap is not harsh on skin. It is a much gentler cleanser than many commercial face/body washes sold on the market today that may cause itching and redness when used. Because of this, it is ideal for those with sensitive skin or with skin conditions that are easily irritated.
  1. Deep, powerful cleansing without stripping
    Skin’s natural oils are essential to keeping the face and body moisturized and elastic. The antifungal and antibacterial properties in black soap allow for a deep cleansing of the skin’s pores, but due to its high oil and fat content, it does not strip skin of its natural oils like other soaps or face washes.
  1. Acts as a great alternative to commercial shampoos for any hair type
    Commercial shampoos strip hair and often leave it feeling dry and straw-like. Black soap, on the other hand, provides the type of cleansing that’s best for hair: making it clean while allowing it to retain its natural oils. This is especially beneficial to curly or kinky hair, as retaining natural oils is more difficult for textured hair.
  1. Can help to treat and reduce acne
    African black soap’s antibacterial properties help to fight bacteria that may cause acne on the face, chest or even back. It also inhibits acne by reducing the oiliness of the skin.
  1. Exfoliates skin
    Black soap possesses exfoliating qualities due to its ability to promote cell turnover. In addition, this ability to remove dead skin cells also comes from the grainy texture of the soap, which comes from the ash that forms its base. This grainy surface is abrasive, so it helps to manually remove dead skin cells from the face and body.
  1. Can help to fade skin discoloration
    The iron in African black soap helps to fade dark marks and skin discoloration on the face and body, giving you a more even, healthy-looking skin tone.
  1. Helps to ease various skin conditions
    African black soap has been used to reduce the itching and burning associated with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis due to the natural fats present in the soap.
  1. Prevent premature aging
    The antioxidants in the vitamin E that is found in black soap help to prevent free radicals from affecting your skin. Vitamin E also helps to keep skin elastic and youthful, keeping wrinkles and sagging at bay.
  1. Reduces irritation and inflammation of skin
    Rashes and other minor skin irritations can also be relieved using African black soap.
  1. Helps with the healing of wounds
    The iron in black soap works to improve blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the surface of your skin to help with skin repair and bacterial defense for the exposed wound. This prevents infection and helps the wound heal more quickly without becoming infected.
  1. Can soothe razor bumps
    Razor bumps are a pesky side effect of shaving, but vitamin E’s ability to help skin looking radiant helps to diminish the appearance of razor bumps caused by shaving, while vitamin A assists in cell turnover to produce new, healthy skin cells.

Though African black soap can improve the look and health of skin and hair in many ways, it must be kept in mind that it is extremely potent, and should be used in accordance with certain guidelines in order to reap the best results. Red more on some very important tips on how to use black soap for the best outcome below.

You can read more on our website about our African Black Soap with Lavender by clicking here

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